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About us

Reinventing what's possible

Building the future

Imagine a different world, where what only matters is your values, not the value in your bank account. Nubank was created to build this world with you, simplifying your financial life with transparency and security. Since day one, we've treated people as human beings and not as numbers. We deconstruct complexity, bureaucracies and that unfashionable way of dealing with money. We dare to be different for you to become the protagonist of your own life. Since the first day, it's still day 1 around here. Anyone who wants to reivent people's relationship with their financial lives has no time for pranks, nonsense, or fine print. We have a new world to build. Eight years ago, the purple future began. And now, it's part of the lives of more than 50 million people in three countries and in every city in Brazil. Welcome to Nubank.

Man sitting backwards in front of his computer while wearing a Nubank t-shirt
Photo taken from above Nubank's purple ball pool, with four people inside working on their respective notebooks.

We are different.

We are a technology company with a young and innovative spirit that develops simple, secure and digital solutions for your financial life. The NU way of doing things was born out of nonconformity and became a force to build fair and transparent products for you. Your money will be in our account, but the control of it is totally yours. If you need any help, we are here 24/7/365 ready to help you out. We are a company made for people by people.  And because of that, we are confident that Nubank is for you.

Man sitting on a wood bench with his laptop on his lap. He's leaning on a purple and pink wall.

Help us reinvent what's possible

<p>If you're tired of the same old solutions to the same old problems, if you want to have and try out new ideas, and if you believe that design, technology, and good customer service can solve any problem, check out the positions we have available. <br /><br />We're looking for people to simplify the world.</p>