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The premium card with cashback that increases 200% of the CDI, and all Mastercard Black benefits.

Applications for products are only available in portuguese.

We are glad you're interested. Please, apply on the Brazilian Portuguese version of our website.

Ultraviolet. live your choices

Instant cashback that grows to 200% of the CDI

You get 1% back on all purchases made on credit. This value drops instantly and you can use it whenever and however you want.

The hand of a black person holds the Nubank Ultraviolet metal card, which is dark purple in color.

Here your cashback is real money

Use the money you get back however you want. And even better, at Ultravioleta your cashback never expires.

Make payments, pix, transfers, donations and more, redeeming cashback to your account.

Travel with Smiles miles converting R$1 to 33 miles, redeem in seconds and with no minimum limit.

Make your money work for you by investing in Nu Ultraviolet Funds.

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A premium metal card that prioritizes your security

With a design made of metal, Ultravioleta has the weight of its achievements. More secure, the card only shows your name. The other data is accessed only by you, within our app.

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All the advantages of a premium card, with the Nubank touch

All the benefits offered by MasterCard® Black

With Ultravioleta you enjoy experiences, insurance, offers and all the benefits of having a Black International card.

The best service in Brazil

Our service is humanized, award-winning, efficient and available 24 hours a day on your cell phone.

Free account with income greater than savings

Online payments and without bureaucracy. Any amount that remains in the account for more than 30 days has a yield of 100% of the CDI with daily redemption.

Make payments with the convenience of digital wallets

Ultravioleta is prepared to be used in digital wallets, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and WhastApp Pay.

Monthly fee that adapts to your moment

Ultravioleta has a monthly fee of R$ 49, which is free according to your credit card purchases or your investments in Nubank or NuInvest.

Whenever monthly purchases in the credit function of your Ultravioleta card reach at least R$ 5 thousand, the monthly fee will be exempt.

Investing from BRL 50,000 between Nubank and NuInvest, Ultravioleta's monthly fee will be free.

Common questions

  • There is no minimum income rule for accessing Ultravioleta, but a credit analysis is carried out to make the card available. This analysis is carried out automatically when new customers register at Nubank, and also monthly for those who already have our roxinho card. As soon as the Ultravioleta card is released, the notice is sent via a message within the application and also by email. Hence the confirmation is super simple: everything directly through the app, fast and without bureaucracy.

  • It means that all the money you get back with the Ultravioleta card grows twice the value of the Interbank Deposit Certificate (CDI) per year, which evolves according to the Selic Rate. This growth happens automatically, in real time, and all evolution is done directly through your Nubank application, without complications. Having your cashback grow with Ultravioleta is a way to make your money work for you in a safe, profitable way and with daily liquidity so you can use it however and whenever you want: whether to create an emergency reserve, save for a future goal, or make payments.

  • With Nubank Ultravioleta you have free access to the Mastercard Black Lounge VIP room, located in Terminal 3 of Guarulhos International Airport, a terminal reserved only for international travel. Just present the physical Ultravioleta card at the entrance to the room to enjoy a space that offers snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, plugs and USB ports to recharge your cell phone, comfortable armchairs and access to Wi-Fi. The Nubank card Ultravioleta also gives you access to all VIP lounges in the Lounge Key network in more than a thousand airports around the world. But in this case, it is necessary to pay US$ 32 (US dollars) to enjoy the benefits of the VIP room.

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