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Application analysis


To ensure the quality and safety of our service, we analyze all credit card applications in order to avoid two things:



Running the application analysis

It all starts when you register and send us your information.

Illustration representing a document with the picture of the credit card applicant

From your name and CPF number, we collect data from several publically available sources – thousands of variables related to your purchase, credit and payment history.

Illustration showing a group of floating cubes in blue and green, representing the publically available historical data.

And if you were referred via email by a friend who already has a Nubank card, that also counts on your analysis.

Illustration with a group of purple floating cubes, representing the referral by a person who already has the Nubank card.

Based on that information, we group the applications into hundreds of different profiles.

Illustration of the union of floating cubes in the colors green, blue and purple.Illustration showing a funnel and the disposition of the various colored cubes shown before, forming columns that represent the grouping of data done by Nubank during the analysis.


Once we cross-reference all of the data, each applicant's profile is classified in one of three groups:

Illustration showing the three groups, with columns of different heights, according to the profiles. The lowest represents the red profiles, the middle one is yellow, and the tallest represents the green profile group.Illustration: Green profile group.

Profiles that fall under this last group are invited to get their card within a week.

Illustration: Yellow profile group.

Profiles under this group can receive an invite in the next 90 days, depending on the results of our tests.

Illustration: Red profile group.

At this moment, profiles in this group will not receive invitations, but they can apply for a new analysis in 6 months.