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No red tape,
no need to visit a branch.
Just you in control.

We too are tired of paying too much
for accounts that don't give anything in return
and have fees that are impossible to understand.

Free and unlimited transfers

With Nubank digital account you can send and receive money in real time, and make scheduled transfers and same day transfers (TEDs) to any bank, free of charge.

Know more about transfersExternal Link

Nubank digital account with salary portability

Use salary portability and transfer your payroll deposit to your Nubank digital account directly from our app, without having to go to a bank branch.

Know more about portabilityExternal Link

Receive payments of any amount

Generate a link with any amount you want and send it to your friends to get reimbursed for the last pizza you paid for everyone.

Know more about chargesExternal Link

Payments made straight on the app

Pay your Nubank card bill via tour digital account and have your credit balance instantly updated, or pay regular bills like for utilities and online purchases.

Know more about billsExternal Link

Better returns
than a savings account

All money deposited into your Nubank digital account automatically and immediately starts paying interest at 100% the Interbank Deposit Rate, every business day.


5 years

Total amount deposited

R$ 6.000,00
A woman sitting with her legs crossed having a drink

by 2025 you would have

R$ 0,00

(gross amount R$ 0,00)

R$ 0,00

more than with a savings account

This estimate does not constitute a guarantee of future earnings. It is only an estimate based on today's Interbank Deposit rate for the entire period that your deposit would remain in your digital account, and considering no withdrawals and no deposit maturity.

Nubank digital account
also with a debit option

We finished our round of tests and now anyone who wishes to have a card with the debit option can request one directly through our app. Do you want yours? See how you can request it below.

Read more about our debit optionExternal Link

Withdrawal in
more than 25k ATMs

You can withdraw your money in any 'Banco24Horas' and 'Saque e Pague' ATM. For every withdrawal, there will be a R$ 6.50 external network fee.

See more details at our FAQInternal Link

How much does it cost to open a Nubank digital account?

Account maintenance fee

R$ 0,00

Transfers (TED)

R$ 0,00

Deposit via bank deposit slip

R$ 0,00

Issue of card with debit function

R$ 0,00

Cash withdrawal

R$ 6.50 per withdrawal

The opinions of those who already have control in their hands

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Nubank digital account?

    Like everything else at Nubank, our digital account was designed for everyone who wants transparent, simple banking services without abusive fees. It was created to redefine the way in which you manage your money. To fulfill this role, Nubank digital account:

    — Has no annuity or maintenance fees

    — Automatically gives daily returns that are better than a savings account, from the moment you make a deposit

    — Offers free and unlimited transfers to any bank

    — Includes a card with a debit option so you can make purchases or cash withdrawals. Product being made available to customers gradually in the first few months of 2019

    — Allows payment of power, water, and telephone bills, and even online purchases.
  • Are there any fees?

    Your Nubank digital account has no annuity fees, and you won't pay anything to transfer your money to any other bank or to make deposits via bank deposit slips. You also pay nothing to receive or activate a card with the debit option.

    Our customers can use any ATM in the Banco24Horas and Saque e Pague networks to make cash withdrawals. For every withdrawal, there will be a R$ 6.50 external network fee, which is exactly what we have to pay to use their networks. In other words, you only pay for it if and when you use it.
  • What should I do to have a card with the debit option?

    Our debit option is available to all digital account clients; however, it won't be automatically issued to our users. Anyone who wishes to have the debit option must request it through our app.

    If you already own the new Nubank card model – issued in September 2018 – all you have to do is access 'Settings' and select 'Pedir função débito' (Request debit option). That's it! Your card is now ready to use with both credit and debit functions.

    If you own the old Nubank card model or if you're not a Nubank credit card user, all you have to do is request a brand new card with the debit option. We will then issue your card with the debit option already activated.

    To do so, you must access 'Settings', select 'Pedir função débito' (Request debit option), confirm your shipping address and that's it! Your card will now go under production.

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