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Nubank for companies: Business credit card

More than a Business credit card, your new business card.

The right card to keep your business going

For your company

A business card with the Nubank touch

Here, your company name doesn't appear only on the invoice. You can customize your card with the name you prefer.

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person paying for approach


Virtual cards

Create multiple virtual cards with debit and credit features, making your purchases even more secure. In addition, you can lock, unlock and delete your cards from the app whenever you want.

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Digital wallets

Together wherever you go: Your business credit card is compatible with all digital wallets (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay). Whether on your smartphone or smartwatch, we'll always be with you.

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Mastercard Surpreenda

For every R$1 spent, you earn 1 point on Mastercard Surpreenda - with exclusive benefits for you and your business.

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About the business card

  • In the testing phase, only a group of PJ Account customers will be able to use Nubank's PJ credit card. If you are a customer and already have a debit card, you will see the option to register your interest in the credit function in the app. If you don't have this option, you'll have to wait a little longer. If you're an Account customer but don't have a debit card yet, you'll need to apply for yours and then see if you can register your interest in the app. If your time hasn't arrived yet, rest assured that we're working hard to unlock more customers as soon as possible!

  • No. We do not charge any issuance or annual fees for your business card.

  • To apply for a business credit card, you must already own a business card with the debit feature
    enabled. If credit is already available for your business, you should see the option "Request
    credit feature" right on the home page of your Business Account.

    If that option is not yet available, please wait a little longer. Nubank gradually releases new
    products, and the business credit card will soon be available to more customers. That allows us
    to grow with quality and deliver the kind of experience your business deserves. As soon as the
    feature is available for your business, we will notify you directly via email or app.

  • Yes. Since Nubank is a digital bank, this service is provided through the Rede 24h
    Each withdrawal is charged a R$6.50 fee. Please remember that other fees may apply if you
    choose the credit feature.

  • Yes. A business credit card works in both debit and credit mode. When ordering through
    the app, we'll let you know which feature is available.

  • Yes. Mastercard is accepted throughout Brazil and abroad. You can also make purchases
    on international websites.