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We believe in the greatness of the small companies

Nubank business credit card has arrived

Applications for products are only available in portuguese.

We are glad you're interested. Please, apply on the Brazilian Portuguese version of our website.

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Now business account is more complete

With a credit card, you will have more reasons to concentrate your company's financial life on one account.

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For company purchases, a company credit card. That simple.

Check if you can start testing Nubank business credit card

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As we are in the testing phase, we are going to offer the credit card to a closed group of business accounts clients. If your company isn't in the initial group, don't worry. We're working hard to expand access and will let customers on the wish list know when we can approve them.

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Frequently asked questions

  • In the testing phase, only a group of PJ Account customers will be able to use Nubank's PJ credit card. If you are a customer and already have a debit card, you will see the option to register your interest in the credit function in the app. If you don't have this option, you'll have to wait a little longer. If you're an Account customer but don't have a debit card yet, you'll need to apply for yours and then see if you can register your interest in the app. If your time hasn't arrived yet, rest assured that we're working hard to unlock more customers as soon as possible!

  • If you already have your account and a debit card, you will see the option to register interest in your app. Just register your interest on the card, and we'll see if you can use it now. If you don't have a debit card yet, ask for yours through the app, and then you can register your interest in the credit function. If you are in the initial group, you can start using both functions as soon as your card arrives. If you don't have a PJ account yet or are not a Nubank customer, you will still need to wait a while.
  • The PJ Card with credit function has all the ease and simplicity of the Roxinho card you already know, but now it is available for your company as well. With it, you have all the features that made the Roxinho card a revolutionary card: no annual fees or hidden fees, the best app, invoice tracking, credit limit adjustment, card blocking, unlocking, account integration, and much more. And over the next few months, we'll add many other new features, such as the virtual card and other features specially designed for entrepreneurs.
  • Just fill out the form here on this page, giving simple information such as your email, CPF, and CNPJ. That way, we can get in touch with you when we're ready to review your interest.
  • Always!
  • We are working hard so that more and more customers can ask for their card too. In the meantime, those who don't have access can subscribe to the interest list and we'll get back to you by email when we're ready!
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