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Business Account

Focus on what is important for you: your business.

Applications for products are only available in portuguese.

We are glad you're interested. Please, apply on the Brazilian Portuguese version of our website.

Main advantages of the business account

More control and convenience in your purchases

With the PJ debit card, it is easy to pay by approximation, make withdrawals and buy online or in person. In addition, the card is personalized with your company's name

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A quick way to charge and track payments status

Learn more about the new billing hub: it’s a tool for entrepreneurs that allows you to manage billings through the app.

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A new way to get paid for your sales

Receive sales done via payment terminals, app or market place directly into Nubank's business account.

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Pix with no fees

Send and receive payments in real time, any day and time. And the best part is that business account customers do not pay anything to transact with Pix in Nubank.

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Absolute control. Literally in your hands

Easier to manage your company's financial life in one place. You can do everything through the app, in just a few minutes.

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Find out more about the Nubank PJ account

  • It is a business account and, just like everything else at Nubank, was created to simplify people's lives -- in this case small business owners, entrepreneurs, and self-employed professionals. It is a payment account with features that are similar to that of Nubank digital account, but designed specifically for businesses.

    Our business account has the goal of simplifying the relationship these small business owners, entrepreneurs, and self-employed professionals have with financial services, and helping them focus on what they really think is important. To meet this goal, the business account:

    - Charges no annuity or maintenance fees;

    - Offers free and unlimited transfers to and from Nubank digital accounts, at any time;

    - Offers free and unlimited transfers to any bank;

    - Allows customers to pay regular bills, like power or telephone bills, as well as make online purchases;

    - Allows customers to pay business taxes and fees;

    Allows customers to send payment information to their own customers.

  • You can open your account directly through the app, clicking in the Settings icon and then in the "Conta PJ" option. The business account is only available for Nubank customers who are the single owners of their businesses

  • The account is available for small business owners who are sole proprietors, individual entrepreneurs, and self-employed professionals who are Nubank customers (with a credit card or digital account).

    We are working to expand the types of customers that can use the product.

  • Business and personal account are different products. Both are managed on the same app, but are geared toward different audiences.

    Nubank digital account, or personal account, is a payment account service for private individuals to earn interest on their money and centralize their personal transactions. Therefore, Nubank digital account has no annuity fee and gives customers a better daily return than savings accounts, while letting them access their money whenever they need, without having to worry about losing the returns they've already gained. Customers can make transfers and payments in real time and monitor the return on their money directly on the app.

    The business account is a new product and one geared toward businesses, or rather, business owners. One of the main difficulties of running a small business is managing cash flow (money that goes in and out), so Nubank business account was created to help people do this by separating their business and personal transactions. Our business account has no annuity fee and offers a variety of ways to transfer money and make and receive payments, in order to meet the needs of small business owners, entrepreneurs, and self-employed individuals.