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About NuConta

  • The NuConta account, like everything else at Nubank, was designed for everyone who wants transparent, simple banking services without abusive fees. It was created to redefine the way in which you manage your money. To fulfill this role, NuConta:

    — Has no annuity or maintenance fees;

    — Automatically gives daily returns that are better than a savings account, from the moment you make a deposit;

    — Offers free and unlimited transfers to any bank;

    — Includes a card with a debit option so you can make purchases or cash withdrawals. Product being made available to customers gradually in the first few months of 2019

    — Allows payment of power, water, and telephone bills, and even online purchases.
  • You don't have to undergo any kind of credit check to open a NuConta account. We only perform an enrollment analysis. Beyond that, our only requirements for customers are: being at least 18 years old, a resident of Brazil, and having a smartphone compatible with our app for Android (version 4.4 or higher) or iOS (version 10 or higher).
  • Your NuConta account has no annuity fees, and you won't pay anything to transfer your money to any other bank or to make deposits via bank deposit slips. You also pay nothing to receive or activate a card with the debit option.

    Our customers can use any ATM in the Banco24Horas and Saque e Pague networks to make cash withdrawals. For every withdrawal, there will be a R$ 6.50 external network fee, which is exactly what we have to pay to use their networks. In other words, you only pay for it if and when you use it.
  • Our debit option is available to all Nuconta clients; however, it won't be automatically issued to our users. Anyone who wishes to have the debit option must request it through our app.

    If you already own the new Nubank card model – issued in September 2018 – all you have to do is access 'Settings' and select 'Pedir função débito' (Request debit option). That's it! Your card is now ready to use with both credit and debit functions.

    If you own the old Nubank card model or if you're not a Nubank credit card user, all you have to do is request a brand new card with the debit option. We will then issue your card with the debit option already activated.

    To do so, you must access 'Settings', select 'Pedir função débito' (Request debit option), confirm your shipping address and that's it! Your card will now go under production.
  • Our customers can withdraw cash with the debit function at any ATM in the Banco24Horas or Saque e Pague networks. To find the closest ATM, go to or

    It's important to note that there is a fee of R$ 6.50 for every withdrawal, regardless of the amount you withdraw or how often you make withdrawals. It should be mentioned that only customers who use the cash withdrawal service will pay this fee, and only when making a withdrawal.
  • In addition to automatically providing daily returns that are better than a savings account, NuConta is classified as a low-risk account.

    This is because NuConta is what is called a "Payment Account." In this type of account, the money deposited is kept separate from Nubank's assets and can only be used for investing in federal public notes. This means the money in the account cannot be used by the institution administering it to make loans to third parties or for risky investments, for example.

    Therefore, the risk of a NuConta account is similar to that of a Direct Treasury account -- a fixed income, post-fixed account backed by the government -- and requires no other guarantee, such as a FGC (Credit Guarantee Fund).

    You can find the relevant legislation in detail on the Brazilian Central Bank website:
  • The most accurate term to define a NuConta account is "Payment Account." This is because Nubank is a payment services institution and not a bank. For the same reason, our card with the debit option is not technically a debit card, because, despite offering the same functionally, a true debit card can only be offered by a bank and connected to a deposit account.
  • We are a 100% digital company, but we understand that hard cash is still important to many of our customers. For this reason, we have made the cash withdrawal service available to our customers using the infrastructure of partner companies, which includes the Banco24Horas and Saque e Pague networks.

    And we incur a cost for using these external networks. About R$ 5.56 of the fee goes toward covering the costs of providing the service, such the cost of secure money transportation services, rent for the space where the ATMs are installed, and the cost of the ATMs' technical maintenance, in addition to the internal operational costs of making this function available. Additionally, we are required to pay R$ 0.94 in taxes on cash withdrawal operations.

    At the present time, this fee is the only way we have found of making this service available to everyone without imposing limitations or charging for services that we think are more important to our customers in the long run.

    This way, we are able to keep all of NuConta's features that have already attracted more than 4 million customers: an annuity-free account with automatic returns better than a savings account, free and unlimited (TED) transfers to any bank, and a payment card with a free debit function.

About the card

  • We are against charging you to manage your own money. Since we use 100% digital channels and we cut bureaucracy and red tape to a minimum, we can pass on to you only savings, rather than costs. The only fee we have at Nubank is for membership in the Nubank Rewards benefits program. In contrast to most other cards, this fee is optional and allows us to offer you even more benefits to help you optimize your life.
  • The Nubank card was designed for everyone who wants a simple and transparent experience when it comes to managing their expenses. Our only requirements for customers are: being at least 18 years old, a resident of Brazil, and having a smartphone compatible with our app for Android (version 4.4 or higher) or iOS (version 10 or higher). Everyone interested in having a Nubank card undergoes an enrollment evaluation and a credit check.
  • You will receive the Nubank Mastercard® credit card, which is accepted at more than 30 million establishments around the world and offers access to the benefits of the Mastercard® brand.
  • In addition to simple and transparent control of your expenses in real time (with no fees or annuity), you can also get discounts for paying your installments early. On the app, you can even block and unblock your card, request a credit limit increase, and change the due date of your bill. Learn more about each functionality and their respective terms on our home page. The Mastercard® brand also offers many benefits to our customers. Check them out:

    - Benefits of the MasterCard brand

    - Access to a MasterCard® Surpreenda membership, which allows you to earn points with every purchase.
  • The waiting list is where we keep all requests we receive on our website or through recommendations. All of these requests undergo an internal enrollment analysis and credit check; since our operation is relatively new, we are still developing and calibrating our analysis models. Therefore, every week we release a limited number of invites and test the use and payment behavior of different customer profiles.

    This being the case, the invites are not approved in chronological order, but according to individual customer profile analyses. Therefore, it is not possible to estimate when an invite will be sent. If you are on the waiting list, all you have to do is wait – We are doing our best to respond to everyone on the waiting list as quickly as possible. Want to know more about our analysis model?
  • We base our analyses on information available on public databases and on our own internal criteria and objectives. This generates an internal score that lets us determine which user profiles best meet our operational capacity at this time.

    The minimum score for approving an application may vary according to the profiles of all who applied for the card in the same period. Furthermore, new data and sources of information are constantly added to our analysis models, which can influence the scores. But don't worry, we don't do credit risk analysis for other companies. Our operations have nothing to do with "credit scoring" and therefore, not receiving an invite for a Nubank card does not mean that you have a pending issue under your name or a "bad" credit score. Want to know more about our analysis model?
  • We designed our product to be as simple and secure as possible, right from the initial registration. This is only possible by using several technological resources, such as a smartphone camera. Other important functionalities, such as real-time monitoring of your expenses or credit limit, are also only possible with this type of device.
  • We issue the Nubank card ourselves and we are licensed by MasterCard® to issue credit cards in their network in Brazil.

About Rewards

  • We try to understand what purchases are of most interest to all of our users. Currently, transactions that can be erased include those made with: Netflix, Uber, Amazon, iFood, Evino, MaxMilhas, music streaming services, and any hotel or airline. As our program continues to evolve, we will add more options where you'll be able to use your points.
  • Like everything at Nubank, we worked hard to create a program that is simple, fair, and transparent. Rewards was designed for everyone who, like us, is tired of complex programs in which points are always expiring and members have to decide where to transfer their points when it comes time to redeem them.

    With Nubank Rewards you accrue points in real time, and they never expire. What's more, instead of accruing points in dollars, like most other programs, here at Nubank Rewards, every 1 Brazilian Real spent is equal to 1 point, thus avoiding confusing conversions.

    You can use these points to erase purchases made from any hotel or airline company or network in the world. Or, if you prefer, you can use your point at one of our partners in the "Extras" category, such as providers of the digital services everyone loves, a few subscriptions, and trips with Uber, for example.

    And even better, you can do all this directly on your Nubank app, without having to transfer points or use any other app or website. You make the purchase on your card and then use your points to erase the purchase from your bill on the app. It's that simple.
  • Yes! Just go to "My Information" and select "Cancel subscription" in the Rewards section. The points you've accrued will be cancelled with your membership, so we recommend you use them before leaving the program. Remember that you can return to the program whenever you want. Just tap the Nubank Rewards icon on the app's home page and sign up again! But this time you won't get 30 days free.
  • It's easy! First, update your app. Second, open the Nubank app on your cell phone and tap the "Rewards" icon at the upper right corner. After reading how the program works, all you have to do is choose whether you want to sign up for the monthly or the yearly plan. To give you an opportunity to try the program, the first 30 days will be free.
  • Don't worry! You can sign up for the program even if you don't have enough credit available at the moment for this transaction, without paying any extra charges for exceeding your pre-authorized monthly limit. And, as you make new payments, your available credit balance will be updated accordingly.

About Nubank

  • Nubank is a startup that issues and administers a Mastercard® credit card and has the goal of improving customers' credit card experience through the use of new technologies and design.
  • Good question. We make money two ways:
    • 1. When a customer makes a purchase with the credit card, the establishment where they make the purchase pays us a small percentage of the amount through the Mastercard network;
    • 2. When a customer decides to pay part or all of their bill in installments, we receive interest, even if it's below market interest rates.

About Conta PJ (business account)

  • Conta PJ is a business account and, just like everything else at Nubank, was created to simplify people's lives -- in this case small business owners, entrepreneurs, and self-employed professionals. It is a payment account with features that are similar to that of NuConta, but designed specifically for businesses.

    It is currently in a test phase involving a few of our customers, with the goal of simplifying the relationship these small business owners, entrepreneurs, and self-employed professionals have with financial services, and helping them focus on what they really think is important. To meet this goal, the Conta PJ in this initial phase:
    • - Charges no annuity or maintenance fees;
    • - Offers free and unlimited transfers to and from NuConta accounts, at any time;
    • - Offers free and unlimited transfers to any bank;
    • - Allows customers to pay regular bills, like power or telephone bills, as well as make online purchases;
    • - Allows customers to pay business taxes and fees;
    • Allows customers to send payment information to their own customers.
  • We have a waiting list for everyone interested in trying our business account.

    Because it is still in the test phase, this service has only been made available to some customers, and we will soon begin to gradually invite other customers on our waiting list to try it. Currently, we are inviting already established Nubank customers who are sole proprietors of their businesses, individual entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals, and freelancers.

    If you have already signed up for the waiting list, we are unable at this time to give you a prediction of when you will be included in the tests, but we want to hear from you: send us your ideas and suggestions through our community and help us build an account that works for you.
  • At this stage, we are not charging annuity or any other fees from those testing the Conta PJ. Our goal, at this time, is to find out how we can offer the best experience to our business customers.
  • Conta PJ and NuConta are different products. Both are managed on the same app, but are geared toward different audiences.

    NuConta is a payment account service for private individuals to earn interest on their money and centralize their personal transactions. Therefore, NuConta has no annuity fee and gives customers a better daily return than savings accounts, while letting them access their money whenever they need, without having to worry about losing the returns they've already gained. Customers can make transfers and payments in real time and monitor the return on their money directly on the app.

    The Conta PJ is a new product, also an account, and one geared toward businesses, or rather, business owners. One of the main difficulties of running a small business is managing cash flow (money that goes in and out), so Conta PJ was created to help people do this by separating their business and personal transactions. Conta PJ is currently in a test phase; it has no annuity fee and offers a variety of ways to transfer money and make and receive payments, in order to meet the needs of small business owners, entrepreneurs, and self-employed individuals.

    If you own a small business, are an entrepreneur or are self-employed, we have a waiting list for everyone who would like to try a Conta PJ account.
  • We are currently inviting small business owners who are sole proprietors, individual entrepreneurs, and self-employed professionals who are Nubank customers (with a credit card or NuConta account) to participate in the test phase.

    In the future we will expand the types of customers that can test the product, but if you are on the waiting list, at this point we are unable to tell for certain exactly when this will begin. Find out more at our blog.