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About Nubank digital account
  • Like everything else at Nubank, Nubank digital account was designed for everyone who wants transparent, simple banking services without abusive fees. It was created to redefine the way in which you manage your money. To fulfill this role, Nubank digital account:

    — Has no annuity or maintenance fees;

    — Automatically gives daily returns that are better than a savings account, from the moment you make a deposit;

    — Offers free and unlimited transfers to any bank;

    — Includes a card with a debit option so you can make purchases or cash withdrawals.

    — Allows payment of power, water, and telephone bills, and even online purchases.

  • You don't have to undergo any kind of credit check to open a Nubank digital account. We only perform an enrollment analysis. Beyond that, our only requirements for customers are: being at least 18 years old, a resident of Brazil, having a regular CPF status on the Receira Federal Brasileira (the brazilian version of IRS) and a smartphone compatible with our app for Android (version 4.4 or higher) or iOS (version 10 or higher).

  • Your Nubank digital account has no annuity fees, and you won't pay anything to transfer your money to any other bank or to make deposits via bank deposit slips. You also pay nothing to receive or activate a card with the debit option.

    Our customers can use any ATM in the Banco24Horas and Saque e Pague networks to make cash withdrawals. For every withdrawal, there will be a R$ 6.50 external network fee, which is exactly what we have to pay to use their networks. In other words, you only pay for it if and when you use it.

  • Our debit option is available to all digital account clients; however, it won't be automatically issued to our users. Anyone who wishes to have the debit option must request it through our app.

    If you already own the new Nubank card model – issued in September 2018 – all you have to do is access 'Settings' and select 'Pedir função débito' (Request debit option). That's it! Your card is now ready to use with both credit and debit functions.

    If you own the old Nubank card model or if you're not a Nubank credit card user, all you have to do is request a brand new card with the debit option. We will then issue your card with the debit option already activated.

    To do so, you must access 'Settings', select 'Pedir função débito' (Request debit option), confirm your shipping address and that's it! Your card will now go under production.

  • Our customers can withdraw cash with the debit function at any ATM in the Banco24Horas or Saque e Pague networks. To find the closest ATM, go to https://www.banco24horas.com.br/para-voce/busca-banco24-horas or www.saqueepague.com.br/onde-encontrar.aspx.

    It's important to note that there is a fee of R$ 6.50 for every withdrawal, regardless of the amount you withdraw or how often you make withdrawals. It should be mentioned that only customers who use the cash withdrawal service will pay this fee, and only when making a withdrawal.

  • You can choose between two deposit options in the Nubank digital account: the "Payment Account" or "RDBs." No matter which option you choose, besides having daily returns that are better than a savings account, you will have a deposit considered as low risk.

    If you choose the "Payment Account", the money deposited is kept separate from Nubank's assets and can only be used for investing in federal public notes. That's why, in this case, Nubank digital account's risk is considered similar to a Direct Treasury account -- a fixed income, post-fixed account backed by the government -- and requires no other guarantees, such as FGC (the brazilian version of FDIC). Find more about payment account using this link.

    However, standard deposit option in Nubank digital account is deposit in RDB. In this option, your deposit will be used to purchase RDB securities issued by NuFinanceira, Nubank's financial company. RDBs can be both guaranteed by FGC or be linked to Government Securities issued by the Federal Government. You can learn more about RDB using this link.

  • The most accurate term to define Nubank digital account is "Payment Account." This is because Nubank is a payment services institution and not a bank. For the same reason, our card with the debit option is not technically a debit card, because, despite offering the same functionally, a true debit card can only be offered by a bank and connected to a deposit account.

    Find more about "Payment Accounts" using this link.

  • We are a 100% digital company, but we understand that hard cash is still important to some of our customers. For this reason, we have made the cash withdrawal service available to our customers using the infrastructure of partner companies, which includes the Banco24Horas and Saque e Pague networks.

    Using this external networks incur a cost. The amount charged goes toward covering the costs of providing the service, such the cost of secure money transportation services, rent for the space where the ATMs are installed, and the cost of the ATMs' technical maintenance, in addition to the internal operational costs of making this function available.

    At the present time, this fee is the only way we have found of making this service available to everyone without imposing limitations or charging for services that we think are more important to our customers in the long run.

    This way, we are able to keep all of Nubank digital account's features that have already attracted more than 4 million customers: an annuity-free account with automatic returns better than a savings account, free and unlimited (TED) transfers to any bank, and a payment card with a free debit function.

  • Our credit analysis is based upon publicly available information and as well as Nubank’s internal criteria and objectives. We generate an internal score that lets us determine which user profiles best meet our operational capacity at this time.

    Being a customer of our digital account does not guarantee the release of the credit card, but it can help your case. Using the Nubank account, our digital account, can help us to know more about the customer's profile when evaluating the card.

    If you do not receive approval for your credit card it means that we are currently unable to approve your purple card. However, it does not mean that you have any outstanding issues with your credit history or profile. It is simply due to the lack of information available about who is applying for the card.
    The Nubank account has no maintenance fees, offers free and unlimited transfers and a higher interes rate than a regular savings account.

  • You don't have to undergo any kind of credit check to open a Nubank digital account. We only perform an enrollment analysis. Beyond that, our only requirements for customers are: being at least 18 years old, a resident of Brazil, having a regular CPF status on the Receira Federal Brasileira (the brazilian version of IRS) and a smartphone compatible with our app for Android (version 4.4 or higher) or iOS (version 10 or higher).

About the card
  • We are against charging you to manage your own money. Since we use 100% digital channels and we cut bureaucracy and red tape to a minimum, we can pass on to you only savings, rather than costs. The only fee we have for the Nubank credit card is for membership in the Nubank Rewards benefits program. In contrast to most other cards, this fee is optional and allows us to offer you even more benefits to help you optimize your life.

  • The Nubank credit card was designed for everyone who wants a simple and transparent experience when it comes to managing their expenses. Our only requirements for customers are: being at least 18 years old, a resident of Brazil, having a regular CPF status on the Receira Federal Brasileira (the brazilian version of IRS) and a smartphone compatible with our app for Android (version 4.4 or higher) or iOS (version 10 or higher). Everyone interested in having a Nubank card undergoes an enrollment evaluation and a credit check.

  • You will receive the Nubank Mastercard® credit card, which is accepted at more than 30 million establishments around the world and offers access to the benefits of the Mastercard® brand.

  • In addition to simple and transparent control of your expenses in real time (with no fees or annuity), you can also get discounts for paying your installments early. On the app, you can even block and unblock your card, request a credit limit increase, and change the due date of your bill. Learn more about each functionality and their respective terms on our home page. The Mastercard® brand also offers many benefits to our customers. Check them out:

    - Benefits of the MasterCard brand

    - Access to a MasterCard® Surpreenda membership, which allows you to earn points with every purchase.

  • The waiting list for the Nubank credit card is over! We changed our approval process and eliminated the waiting list. Previously, people applying for the credit card could either be approved right away or join a list where they could receive an invitation within 3 months or be denied and have to wait 6 months to apply again. Now, everyone who signed up to be a Nubank customer will receive access to the digital account and we will do an enrollment analysis and credit review. If approved, they will also receive an invitation to the credit card. Want to know more about our analysis model?

  • Our analysis is based upon information available on public databases and on our own internal criteria and objectives. This generates an internal score that lets us determine which user profiles best meet our operational capacity at this time.

    The minimum score for approving an application may vary according to the profiles of all who applied for the card in the same period. Furthermore, new data and sources of information are constantly added to our analysis models, which can influence the scores. But don't worry, we don't do credit risk analysis for other companies. Our operations have nothing to do with "credit scoring" and therefore, not receiving an invite for a Nubank card does not mean that you have a pending issue under your name or a "bad" credit score. Want to know more about our analysis model?

  • We issue the Nubank card ourselves and we are licensed by MasterCard® to issue credit cards in their network in Brazil.
About Rewards
  • We try to understand what purchases are of most interest to all of our users and, in order to be able to offer more benefits, we decided to focus on a few categories and services, such as restaurants, Netflix, Uber, Amazon, iFood, music streaming services, and any hotel or airline. Find more about the program and get to know all the partners at our blog.

  • Yes! On the home screen click on your name and then on "Configurar Rewards" and select "Cancelar Assinatura". The points you've accrued will be cancelled with your membership, so we recommend you use them before leaving the program. Remember that you can return to the program whenever you want. Just tap the Nubank Rewards icon on the app's home page and sign up again! But this time you won't get 30 days free.

About Nubank
  • Nubank is a startup developing simple, secure, and 100% digital solutions so you can have control over your money, literally in the palm of your hand.

  • We designed our products, right from the initial registration, to be as simple and secure as possible, and this is only possible by using several technological resources that only a smartphone has. For exemple, for the initial registration, we have to access your smartphone camera. Besides that, other important functionalities, such as real-time monitoring of your expenses, your credit card limit, and your account's daily returns are also only possible with this type of device.
  • Good question! With the credit card we make money two ways: When a customer makes a purchase with the credit card, the establishment where they make the purchase pays us a small percentage of the amount through the Mastercard network; and when a customer decides to pay part or all of their bill in installments, we receive interest, even if it's below market interest rates. We also profit from the interest paid in the lending operations.

  • Here at Nubank we use direct mail as a communication channel with people that eventually could be interested in our products. To send these mails we made a partnership with Boa Vista, a data bureau that gathers informations from brazilian consumers. Aiming for data protection, in this process Nubank does not have access to any private information and does not interferes in credit score. To stop receiving Nubank's Direct Mails you only have to acess sou.nu/transparente and type your CPF. This information won't be stored and will be solely used to guarantee the interruption of mail sending.

About Business account
  • Nubank's Business account is a digital account for your company, with no hidden fees.

    Here you can find:

    - An easy-to-use account, with no annual or maintenance fees;

    - Free and unlimited transfers, either to charge your customers, pay your bills and move your money;

    - Free and unlimited transfers between Nubank accounts at any time;

    - Unlimited TEDs at no cost to other banks;

    - Business card with the debit function to easily move your company’s money; - Personalized credit card with your company's name (subject to analysis and approval);

    - Easily charge customers with our payment platforms (POS, payment links, apps and sales sites);

    - Ease of issuing billing slips in the app itself;

    - The Charging Hub, a tool within the app that organizes your billing and receipts; - Ease of paying your bills, such as water, electricity, telephone, invoices, as well as your company's taxes using a barcode;

    - Issuance, in OFX and PDF format, of the account statement directly within the app.

  • You can open your PJ account directly through the website, clicking on Open PJ account.

    You will need to fill out a form and, in a moment, your request will be analyzed. Afterwards, just enter the app and continue your business account registration.

    If you are already a Nubank customer, you can also apply for your business account directly through the application.

    The option is available in the Nu app's settings: just tap on the profile icon at the top left of the app's home screen, click on "Open PJ account" and follow the step by step. See how easy it is?

  • The PJ account is available for brazilian companies with a single partner of the types MEI, EI, LTDA, Individual Real Estate Company and Unipersonal Law Firm.

    We are still developing solutions for companies that have more than one partner, and at the moment we already accept those that have only one managing partner in the corporate structure.

  • The business account and the Nubank personal account are different products. Both are managed by the same app, but aimed at different purposes.

    The personal account is for you to concentrate your personal transactions and income. The business account, on the other hand, is aimed at you, the company/business owner, controlling the company's finances, separating it from your personal one.

    The business account also has no fees and offers several ways to transfer and pay that will meet the needs of businessmen, entrepreneurs and self-employed people.

  • Yes! After opening your Nubank Business Account, you can register it as a domicile account. Deposits made by the acquirer into your PJ Account will appear on your timeline as "Deposit Received".

    There you can also see if they were received by debit, credit or advance transactions, the total amount of the deposit and the name of the acquirer / marketplace.

    To register your Nubank account as a home account, you just access your payment platform (POS or apps and sales websites):

    Access your profile on the platform;

    Look for the option to "change" your bank details or change your home account;

    Search for Nubank or Nu Pagamentos S.A among the options;

    Inform your business account data;

    Click save and you're done!

    If you are having any difficulties with this process, just contact the payment platform support directly so that they can help you.

  • The Business Account is in constant development. The credit card is being tested and will soon be used by more customers. You can register your interest in this list.

    We still do not provide any type of loans for business customers.

    We are working to make the business account more and more complete!