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Investimento Nubank

Comece a investir com o jeito Nu

Investimentos a partir de R$1, com uma experiência fácil e que fala a sua língua.

Applications for products are only available in portuguese.

We are glad you're interested. Please, apply on the Brazilian Portuguese version of our website.

O Nubank tem investimentos para todas as pessoas

Para quem está começando e quer aprender a investir

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Para quem já é mais experiente e quer ir além nos investimentos

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Para quem quer ter seus planos organizados nas Caixinhas do Nubank

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Comece hoje com as Caixinhas do Nubank

Organize e guarde dinheiro para seus planos. Crie Caixinhas no app do Nubank para cada um de seus objetivos e com investimentos que te ajudam a chegar lá. Acompanhe o progresso da sua meta e ative lembretes para depósitos automáticos.

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Invest safely

A new investment experience that guarantees greater peace of mind and security for you and your money. With Modo Rua you have extra layers of protection that are automatically triggered for transactions made outside of Wi-Fi networks that you determine to be secure.

Invest with autonomy

No complexity

Easy, intuitive and transparent experience

Zero fee rate

From brokerage to fixed income and equities


Investment funds, fixed income and stocks


Investing is for you

A new investment experience focused only on what matters. Security, solidity, transparency and a complete portfolio of investments to build your assets. Whether it is with the support of our technology or independently, with Nubank you will find your way to invest better and optimize your income.

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Investment options

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Your experience always evolving

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A single app, individual experiences: exclusive investment space, separate from the rest of your banking experience, for a clear selection, visualization and monitoring of your portfolio.

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Constantly evolving technology and innovation: Nubank guarantees the best updates for your application, providing the best experience for you and your assets.

Frequently asked questions about the Nu way to invest

Yes. With Nubank you invest in a safe and simplified way, directly in the app and with just a few clicks. We guarantee autonomy so that you can directly choose how you want to invest through our complete portfolio or by selecting from the top 3 assets of the day. Furthermore, with Caixinhas, you can choose your goals and receive the best recommendations to achieve them faster.

The Nubank way of investing guarantees solidity, technology and a vast portfolio for your investment journey. All of this with an intuitive and simplified experience, so you don't waste time. Invest by exploring our complete portfolio or selecting the top 3 assets of the day. You can also invest according to your goals, creating Caixinhas - the choice is yours, 24 hours a day.

To get started, download the Nubank app from the App Store or Google Play Store. After that, create your account in a completely simplified and cost-free way and then fill out your investor profile.

This way, you can enjoy the best experience in investments and products from Nubank, through simplified language, investment shelves, expert selection and much more.

The brokerage fee on our digital platforms is our responsibility, but it remains in cases of risk zeroing and table operations.

Risk zeroing is when a client is carrying out a leveraged operation and runs out of guarantees or goes past the cut-off time for Day Trade operations. In these two situations, our Risk Area automatically closes the client's position to ensure that they will not default or have a negative balance in their current account.

Desk operations are those in which the client contacts our Operations Desk and asks our specialists to buy or sell shares on their behalf.

In these two situations, the brokerage fee will remain unchanged.

NuInvest no longer exists?NuInvest and Nubank are now together in one place: the NuInvest experience that you already know, with the solidity and innovation of Nubank. Even more security, technology and benefits for you to go far beyond profitability.

Investments, as well as their monitoring, are now made exclusively through the Nubank app. With a completely dedicated space independent of other banking experiences, we guarantee simplified visualization and monitoring of your portfolio.

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Nubank’s investment products are distributed by NuInvest and Nu DTVM

Do you want to learn how to invest in the stock market?

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