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A rewards program with a fair points system and easy to use.

Applications for products are only available in portuguese.

We are glad you're interested. Please, apply on the Brazilian Portuguese version of our website.

Use points to eliminate charges from

Restaurants and program partners

Travel when and wherever you want

Exchange points for flights and accommodations purchased on any site

Transfer points to Smiles

Transfer your points in seconds through the app

R$ 1 = 1 point that never expires

As soon as your purchase is confirmed, you can use your points. Even for purchases made in installments.

Make the purchase first, then use your points

After making a purchase, you can use your points to remove the charges from your statement.

Sign up for Nubank Rewards

If you're already a Nubank customer, just go to our app and choose a plan:


The first 30 days are free and you can cancel whenever you want via the app.