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How does your statement work?

I need to know

When you use your Nubank card, it's like you have an empty box.

illustration of an empty box

This box, your current statement, fills up gradually with every purchase you make with your card.

illustration of a box with some blocks inside it

On the closing date, we calculate the total amount of your purchases and we close the box.

illustration of how the statements work

This box then becomes your closed statement; from that moment on, any purchase you make goes on your statement for the next month.

illustration of how the statements work

As soon as your statement arrives, we will send you a bill that must be paid by the due date.

The due date of your bill is usually 7 days after your statement closes, but can be later if it falls on a national holiday or weekend.

illustration of invoice due date

Tip: the best day for making purchases then, is the day your statement closes; this way you'll have more time to pay.

Where do I pay?

Up to the due date, you can pay your bill on your bank's online banking app, at lottery stores, any bank branch, or at an ATM. After the due date, you have to generate a new bill on your Nubank app.

illustration of a computer, a phone and a bank branch side by side

Once the bill is paid, due to processing times, we might take up to 3 working days to register your payment and update your balance.

illustration of balance release